Petro Exir Tous

Leading the export of light and heavy hydrocarbons

Manufacturer of products based on domestic raw materials

Petro Exir Tous The complex offers a wide range of products based on domestic raw materials to prevent crude oil and petrochemical products from being sold raw and creating added value as well as reducing import and export of petroleum products.

Interview with Abbas Shirkhah, CEO of Petro Exir Tous

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Visit the 19th International Exhibition of Paint, Resin, Industrial Coatings, Composites and Electroplating at the Petro Exir Tous booth.
Time: December 9-12 , 2019
Visited hours: 9am to 5pm
Location: Chamran Highway, permanent site of Iran International Exhibition Hall 11_10 Booth 40

Products of Petro exir tous

Thinner Type

This set has a variety of thinners including Lucid Thinner, Instant Thinner, Wash Thinner, Furnace Color Thinner, Dry Air Thinner. A description of each of these products can be found below.Read More »

Types of Organic Solvents

Manufacture of various organic solvents such as methyl, methyl acetate, ethyl acetate in the specialized field of Petro Exir Tous. Follow the story for more information on this product.

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Hydrocarbon Cuts

Hydrocarbon slices include solvents 404-402-404 and refinite-aromatic-saloso. We are going to explain the benefits and benefits of these types of solvents.

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Fuel Additives

Octane number boosters and injectors are fuel additives produced in Petro Elixir Tous. Stay with us for more information on the uses and benefits of these add-ons.

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