Fuel Additives

Fuel additives are compounds that are added to improve the quality and efficiency of fuels used in vehicles. These compounds are designed and manufactured in different types for different models of vehicles such as cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, etc., and contribute to their better engine performance. These additives are manufactured and marketed in various forms of liquid, powder and tablet.

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Fuel Additives

Petro exir Tous is a manufacturer of fuel additives including octane risers and injectors, which outlines their benefits and benefits.

One of the types of fuel additives is the octane number raiser:


  • Increasing the engine compression ratio reduces impact, pressure and starter comfort and ease.
  • Reduces smoke, emits pollutants, harmful substances and engine sediment.
  • Optimizes fuel injection patterns and accelerates and improves fuel speed and combustion.
  • Reduces CO by 15 percent and NOx by 10 percent in exhaust gases.


  • The injector cleans the valves and fittings and prevents the engine from malfunctioning.
  • By activating the carbon, it cleans the combustion chamber and the virtual smoke outlet.
  • Because it makes the moisture in the fuel very fine and suspended, it does not damage the fuel to the fuel system and makes them dry when the engine is off.


Other types of fuel additives include injectors. As you know, one of the ways to reduce fuel consumption and increase the efficiency of a car engine is to pay attention to its refueling system. After a while, the combustion system of the vehicle becomes precipitated due to defective fuel or inadequate fuel consumption, which is carbon-based sediments and has a direct impact on lowering engine efficiency. Fuel system cleaners and supplements should be used to revitalize and increase the efficiency of the car’s refueling system.

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