Products of Petro Exir Tous

Petro Exir Tous, a manufacturer of interior raw materials. In this section we want to give you a brief explanation about product Petro Exir Tous

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In order to prevent crude oil and petrochemical products from being crude, creating added value as well as reducing import and export of petroleum products, the complex offers a wide range of products based on domestic raw materials.

Thinner Type

This set contains various types of thinners including: Thyroid, instant thinner, wash thinner, oven color thinner, air thinner. You can see a description of each of the types of thinners below.

It is also a brand of Thiele, owned by Petro Exir Toos. Click to order product online.

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Types of Organic Solvents

Manufacture of various organic solvents such as methyl, methyl acetate, ethyl acetate in the specialized field of Petro Exir Toos.

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Hydrocarbon Cuts

Hydrocarbon slices are other Petroxir Tous products, which include: Solvents 400 – 402 – 404 and Refinite – Aromatic – Saloso.

We are going to explain the benefits and benefits of each of these solvents. There you can order the product petrotous online.

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Fuel Additives

Octane and Injector Stand Lift are other additives from our company.

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