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Petro Exir Tous Company was established in 2012 with a group of experts and graduates of Iran’s top universities with the following goals:

  • Independence and self-sufficiency in the production of downstream petroleum products and related products.
  • Prevent crude oil and petrochemical products from being sold and create added value and employment to achieve the objectives of the resilient economy.
  • Production of products based on domestic raw materials to reduce imports and increase exports of petroleum products.

Featuring two steel towers, carbon steel and active blending units, the complex offers a wide range of products. It has had a successful presence in domestic and foreign markets. Among its overseas activities, we can export up to … tons of our products to neighboring countries including Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan.

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Tel: 02533344395

Fax: 02533344397

Email: info [at]

Sales Email: ajdadi [at]

Address: Qom – Shokouhieh Industrial City – Phase 2 – Hemmat Square – Hemmat Boulevard – Shahid Babaei Square – Alam Alahdi Street 4 – Unit 3 – Left

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