Hydrocarbon Cuts

As you know, the production of petroleum products from crude oil and other hydrocarbon resources requires chemical and physical operations and processes. Also in these operations, the cuts are separated from the raw materials, each having a range of boiling point of the ingredients.

Other processes are also needed to obtain suitable end-use products called light and heavy hydrocarbon cutting.



Hydrocarbon cutting is another of Petro exir Tous products. This product has two types of solvents: 400 – 402 – 404 and refinite – aromatic – saloso.

One of the types of hydrocarbon cutters is 404-402-404 solvents.


  • As a solvent in paint thinners and varnishes and alcohol
  • Solvent paint dryer
  • Solvent in fabric printing
  • Degradation of metal surfaces
  • Solvents for drying, wax for furniture, furniture, flooring and …
  • In varnishes, dyes, polishers and printing inks, thinners in adhesives, thinners, etc.

White Spirit is a colorless, transparent, low solubility material with a distinct odor.

This material can be classified as solvents 400, 401, 402, 403,410.

Solvent 402 is actually a member of a large family of solvents known as mineral spirit or Stanford solvent and generally color thinner.

The other types of hydrocarbon cutters is Refinite – Aromatic – Saloso.



  • Thinner in colors based on tall oils
  • Printing ink
  • Air fresheners
  • Insecticide Sprays
  • Production of agricultural pesticides
  • Testing fuel measuring devices such as gas stations

And … it works.

Aromatics is a family of organic compounds that have double bonded rings in their structure. Aromatics comprise a wide range of compounds, including benzene and its derivatives. One of the characteristics of aromatic indexes is participation in substitution reactions.

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